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Kendall Taylor Jones

Kendall T. Jones P.A.

Thousand Oaks , CA

Rocket Lawyer On Call® Attorney

Joined on 04/2012

Licensed to practice in:

GA , CA , FL

Practice Information


Kendall Taylor Jones

Kendall T. Jones P.A.

2800 Camino dos Rios, #101A

Thousand Oaks , CA 91320

Practice Areas for Kendall Taylor Jones

Business Law - Commercial Litigation

Business Law - Transactional

Personal Injury

Copyright / Trademark

General Practice

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Meet Kendall Taylor Jones

Kendall Jones started her law career as one of the future stars of the Big National Law Firms -- she was a top law school student, recruited by big firms all over the country. Her first job out of law school was a prestigious national law firm; her first clients were Fortune 500 companies.

But Kendall discovered a real kinship with entrepreneurs and folks who own and manage small businesses -- the backbone of America. Most of those businesspeople simply cannot afford to pay the enormous fees charged by big law firms, even though they need and want high quality legal services too. So Kendall opened her own private practice to provide small-to-medium businesses with the highest quality legal services at reasonable and predictable prices.

Kendall has represented dozens of small-to-medium-sized businesses (and their owners) on a wide range of issues, from copyrights to contracts to collections... and everything in between. In providing full service to her business clients, Kendall also handles personal injury matters and other more personal matters for her clients.

Kendall's fastest growing client base is in the entertainment industry. Kendall represents writers, producers, musicians, and other artists, handling contract negotiation and review, dispute management, and intellectual property rights.

Kendall is married with three children. An occasional professional actress, Kendall has appeared on HBO, CBS, and Court TV.

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Joined on 04/2012

License Details for Kendall Taylor Jones

GA, 1995, #402105 - Active

CA, 2008, #255964 - Active

FL, 2004, #766771 - Active

Work Experience

Kendall T. Jones P.A.




Vanderbilt Law School


University of Virginia


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