Jonathan Maisel

The Law Office of Jonathan H. Maisel, P.C.

New York , NY

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Jonathan Maisel , Principal Attorney

The Law Office of Jonathan H. Maisel, P.C.

401 Park Ave. South, 8th Floor

New York, NY10016

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Copyright / Trademark

Corporate Law

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Meet Jonathan Maisel

As principal attorney of his own firm, Jonathan handles a wide range of transactional and litigation matters for media and entertainment clients. He is licensed to practice law in New York State and the Southern and Eastern District of New York federal courts.

While externing at Carroll, Guido & Groffman, LLP, Jonathan gained experience in the field of entertainment law. He reviewed a variety of recording and development contracts, and drafted mechanical and synchronization licenses, as well as cease-and-desist letters. In addition, Jonathan worked on numerous entertainment law cases involving breach of contract, damage limitations, fair dealing, actual and constructive notice, and statute of limitations.

Jonathan has also worked at many different media organizations in the entertainment industry. At Fuse TV, he immersed himself in both the legal and business aspects of broadcasting, including the negotiation of agreements with entertainment companies. Also, during his position at Comcast, he worked on promotional deals and business arrangements integral to the successful promotion of a concert or sports event. Additionally, at The Orchard, a digital music distribution company in New York City, he reviewed contracts that stipulated the royalties the company and artists would receive through CD sales.

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License Details for Jonathan Maisel

NY , 2012 , #5005608 - Active

Work Experience

The Law Office of Jonathan H. Maisel. P.C.

Principal Attorney


Compliance LP

Contract Attorney


Epiq Systems

Contract Attorney


Carroll, Guido & Groffman, LLP

Legal Intern



Thomas M. Cooley Law School



University of Miami



Cardozo School of Law

Master of Laws


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