Jeff Yeh

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Los Angeles , CA

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Jeff Yeh

Law Office of Jeff Yeh

3810 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 2107

Los Angeles, CA90010

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Criminal Law - Felony

Criminal Law - Misdemeanor

Traffic Violations Defense

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Meet Jeff Yeh

"The DUI Specialist" Jeff Yeh graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Mr. Yeh obtained a scholarship to law school at the Ohio State University, where he graduated as a Public Service Fellow, was named in Who’s Who Among American Law Students, and was awarded the Cali Award for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy. Upon obtaining his Juris Doctor he passed the California Bar Exam on his first attempt. In 2006 alone Mr. Yeh conducted over 15 Jury Trials, an impressive number for any criminal defense attorney. Mr. Yeh is dedicated to exclusively defending DUI / Drunk Driving cases in all courts in Los Angeles and Orange County, with the experience and resources to help you win your DUI case in court and with the DMV. Mr. Yeh has handled over 2000 criminal and DUI cases in Southern California.

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Joined on 08/2019

English, Mandarin
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CA , 2005 , #240430 - Active

Work Experience

Orange County Public Defender's Office

Attorney II

1/2/2006 - 3/8/2007

Law Office of Jeff Yeh


3/12/2007 -


Vanderbilt University



Ohio State University



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