Jeff Lee

The Law Office of J. Jeffrey Lee

Memphis , TN

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Joined on 05/2014

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Jeff Lee

The Law Office of J. Jeffrey Lee

1303 Madison Avenue

Memphis, TN38104

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Criminal Law - Felony

Criminal Law - Misdemeanor

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Meet Jeff Lee

The Law Office of J. Jeffrey Lee primarily serves the greater Memphis
area, but is available to handle matters across western Tennessee.

J. Jeffrey Lee first began as an Assistant Public Defender in the
25th Judicial District (Lauderdale, Tipton, Fayette, Hardeman, and
McNairy Counties). His responsibilities included representing the
indigent accused in General Sessions Court, Circuit Court, and the Court
of Criminal Appeals. He performed a variety of matters, including
preliminary hearings, suppression hearings, jury and bench trials,
appeals, revocation hearings, and post-conviction hearings.

While J. Jeffrey Lee has gained proficiency from these volume
practices, his firm is a reaction to the way many large firms practice.
Mr. Lee rejects the traditional approach found in many firms, where a
number of junior employees perform the work under the name of the
attorney hired for the job. This approach can lead to loss of
information, delay, and error. Further, your case isn’t receiving the
experience and attention it deserves.

As a sole practitioner, J. Jeffrey Lee is free to provide a personal
approach to his clients. He has deliberately avoided unnecessary
expenses and overhead in an effort to provide quality legal services to
regular people at reasonable prices. This means that our legal fees
truly represent the work that we do on your behalf. J. Jeffrey Lee
purposely works in a smaller, more efficient law firm because it
provides the best results for the client.

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Joined on 05/2014

License Details for Jeff Lee

TN , 2007 , #026430 - Active

Work Experience

State of Tennessee

Assistant Public Defender


Leitner, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan



The Law Office of J. Jeffrey Lee




The University of Tennessee at Martin



City University of New York School of Law at Queens College



The University of Memphis



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