David Baris

BuckleySandler LLP

Washington , DC

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David Baris

BuckleySandler LLP

1250 24th Street NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC20037

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Business Law - Commercial Litigation

Business Law - Transactional

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Meet David Baris

<p><span><span>David Baris</span>, a partner in the Washington, DC office of<span>&nbsp;</span><span style="text-decoration: none">BuckleySandler LLP</span>, represents financial institutions throughout the United States on securities, corporate, transactional, and regulatory matters.<span>&nbsp;</span><span style="text-decoration: none">Mr. Baris</span><span>&nbsp;</span>has spent more than 20 years in practice assisting financial institutions in critical and transformative business changes, including mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, acquisition of subsidiaries, securities offerings (including trust preferred securities) and proxy contests and other efforts to change management or policy, as well as more routine matters, such as periodic reporting and securities disclosure, Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance, compliance with corporate governance listing requirements of the national securities exchanges, holding company formations, regulatory reporting and applications, executive compensation arrangements, employment agreements, voting agreements, and new product and line of business development.</span></p>
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<p><span><span style="text-decoration: none">David Baris</span><span>&nbsp;</span>also assists banks with issuances in regulatory examinations and represents them in negotiations of orders and enforcement actions instituted by regulatory agencies.<span>&nbsp;</span><span style="text-decoration: none">David Baris</span><span>&nbsp;</span>is the Executive Director of the American Association of Bank Directors.</span></p>
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<p><span>David Baris is the Executive Director of the American Association of Bank Directors. AABD provides bank directors with the resources with which to serve their institutions effectively. From 2000 to 2004, David Baris was a director of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and United of Omaha Life Insurance Company.</span></p>

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Work Experience

Kennedy & Baris, LLP



US House of Representatives

Counsel to the Government Operations Committee



University of Connecticut



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