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Clifton W. Homesley

Homesley Goodman & Wingo, PLLC

Mooresville , NC

Practice Information


Clifton W. Homesley

Homesley Goodman & Wingo, PLLC

330 South Main Street

Mooresville , NC 28115

Practice Areas for Clifton W. Homesley

Family Law

Personal Injury

Criminal Law - Felony

Criminal Law - Misdemeanor

General Practice

Real Estate

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Meet Clifton W. Homesley

Practice covers: Real Estate, Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Litigation

Education: Campbell University, J.D., 1986

Year Admitted to the Bar: 1986

Office Hours: Monday: 08:30 AM-05:30 PM, Tuesday: 08:30 AM-05:30 PM, Wednesday: 08:30 AM-05:30 PM, Thursday: 08:30 AM-05:30 PM, Friday: 08:30 AM-05:30 PM

Payment Accepted: MasterCard, Visa

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