Charley Moore

Founder and Chairman - Rocket Lawyer

San Francisco , CA

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Charley Moore

Founder and Chairman - Rocket Lawyer

182 Howard Street, 830

San Francisco, CA94105

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Meet Charley Moore

Working with consumers, start ups, and small law firms taught me that something was missing - a simple way to manage all of the every day legal needs for individuals and organizations of any size.  That's why we created Rocket Lawyer!

Prior to starting Rocket Lawyer, I practiced business law, representing technology companies and their investors. I've represented Yahoo! (as a start up), WebTV Networks (acquired by Microsoft), and many other early stage software and Internet companies. I've also helped big companies partner with innovators and start-ups.  I love to help new businesses get off the ground and fly.

Our community is important to everyone at Rocket Lawyer. So, we are proud to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco, where I'm a member of the board of directors. To help, visit

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US Naval Academy


UC Berkeley School of Law


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