Brandon Rosenbloom

Michael D. Barber & Associates

Atlanta , GA

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Brandon Rosenbloom , Senior Associate

Michael D. Barber & Associates

1069 Spring Street NW

Atlanta, GA30309

Practice Areas for Brandon Rosenbloom

Estate Planning

Criminal Law - Felony

Criminal Law - Misdemeanor

General Practice

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Meet Brandon Rosenbloom

Brandon joined Michael D. Barber and Associates in September 2015. Brandon is skilled in criminal and civil litigation.
Even before becoming an attorney, Brandon’s career focused on serving the public. He spent 10 years working for the State of California Employment Development Department as an adjudicator, investigating unemployment insurance claims to determine eligibility for unemployment and other social service benefits.
Working for several Atlanta law firms and running his own private practice helped Brandon learn the ins and outs of the Atlanta legal field. In his work for the Fulton County Office of the Solicitor General as an Assistant Solicitor General, Brandon handled 1000’s of cases ranging from theft, to domestic battery, to DUI.
His training from law enforcement and the State Prosecutor’s Office in Prosecution Skills, as well as DUI Detection and Field Sobriety Training (the very same training that officers receive in the academy) helps him provide our clients with a better understanding of DUI’s and the various issues that arise in every DUI case.
Practice Areas
• Bankruptcy
• Criminal defense
• Debt settlement
• Civil litigation
• Former Consumer Bankruptcy/Debt Settlement Attorney
• Former State Prosecutor
• Certified NHSTA Field Sobriety Testing
• Admitted to State and Federal Courts in Georgia including:
…..• Supreme Court of the State of Georgia
…..• The Georgia Court of Appeals
…..• State and Superior Courts of Georgia
…..• S. Federal Courts in the Northern District of Georgia
…..• S. Federal Courts in the Middle District of Georgia.
• Member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
• Member of the Lawyers Club of Atlanta
• Member of the Atlanta Business Alliance

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License Details for Brandon Rosenbloom
Work Experience

Fulton County Office of the Solicitor General

Assistant Solicitor General


Law Offices of Brandon Rosenbloom

Managing Attorney


The Slomka Law Firm PC



The Slomka Law Firm PC

Associate Attorney



Thomas Jefferson School of Law


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