Arash Yasrebi

Arash Yasrebi, Esq.

San Francisco , CA

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Arash Yasrebi

Arash Yasrebi, Esq.

San Francisco , CA94117

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Meet Arash Yasrebi

<span>Arash Yasrebi is an attorney specializing in immigration law. As a first generation immigrant, Arash Yasrebi has a personal understanding of the issues and challenges immigrants face on a daily basis. Our practice is devoted to helping immigrants fully exercise their rights under the law, because we believe America is still a nation of immigrants. Let us help you keep this great America tradition alive.<br/>
We can help you with the following:
<li>U.S. Citizenship &amp; Naturalization</li>
<li>Permanent Residency and Adjustment of Status (Green Card)</li>
<li>Non-Immigrant Visas:
<li>Tourism (B-1 &amp; B-2)</li>
<li>Student (F-1, M-1, J-1)</li>
<li>Employment (H-1B, H-2B)</li>
<li>Family Petitions (Spouses, Children, and Qualified Relatives)</li>
<li>Fiance Visa</li>
<li>Work Permits</li>
<li>Travel Documents</li>
<li>Investment Visas</li>
<li>Asylum Applications</li>
<li>Withholding of Removal</li>

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CA, 2013, #294769 - Active

Work Experience

University of San Francisco School of Law


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