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Minneapolis , MN

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Anjie Flowers

Law Offices of A.M. Flowers

310 4th Avenue South Suite 5010

Minneapolis, MN55415

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Criminal Law - Felony

Criminal Law - Misdemeanor

Employment Law

Traffic Violations Defense

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Meet Anjie Flowers

Ms. Flowers is a graduate of  Hamline University of School of Law and earned her Master's degree in Human Resources from Concordia University.  She was very active in law school where she was a successful competitor in moot court, selected to work as a Law Pofessor's Research Assistant, Housing Law Clerk  and she served in numerous leadership roles on various student boards.  Ms. Flowers focused her studies on trial advocacy, litigation and mediation.

Prior to establishing her law firm Ms. Flowers worked as a Student Attorney  at the Ramsey County Attorney's Office in the Felony Prosecution Division on hundreds of cases.  Her professional experience also includes work as a Human Resources Director and other leadership roles.  Ms. Flowers has provided pro bono services in the areas of family law, bankruptcy, unemployment law, criminal expungment, post conviction relief  and education law.

Ms. Flowers is a committed advocate here to help you. She will thoroughly evaluate your case and determine the best approach for your individual needs, whether that means mediation, aggressively pursuing reduced charges or going to fight for you at trial.  

Advocacy, Committment, Results


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Law Offices of A.M. Flowers




Augsburg College


Hamline University School of Law


Concordia University


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