Adam Wardel

Adam D. Wardel / Attorney at Law

Salt Lake City , UT

Rocket Lawyer On Call® Attorney

Joined on 10/2013

Licensed to practice in:


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Adam Wardel , Managing Attorney

Adam D. Wardel / Attorney at Law

2150 S. McClelland Street, #542

Salt Lake City, UT84106

Practice Areas for Adam Wardel

ADR / Mediation / Arbitration

Contract Law

Creditors Rights

Debt Collections

Debt Settlement

Divorce (Uncontested)

Domestic Relations


Landlord / Tenant

Non-profits / Grants

Personal Injury

Real Estate

Traffic Violations Defense


Wills and Probate

Workers Compensation

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Meet Adam Wardel

I am fascinated by the world's cultures and spend every spare dime I have on travel.

I am a constant student of politics and feel solid leadership can make a difference.

I have two professional goals; 1) help individuals find unique legal solutions and 2) help small businesses over come legal issues while reducing cost and time spent.

My professional strengths are contract drafting and review, mediation, debt collection, and real estate law; however I can assist in a variety of other areas.

Most of all I love my wife and could not be who I am without her.

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Joined on 10/2013

Barlavento, Portuguese, Spanish, Other
License Details for Adam Wardel

UT , 2012 , #14362 - Active

Work Experience

Parsons Behle & Latimer

Litigation Manager

8/2013 - 5/2016

Select Portfolio Servicing, inc.

Manager - Business Development

5/2016 - Present


Brigham Young University


Thomas Jefferson School of Law


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