How to incorporate in all 50 states

Step-by-step instructions for starting a corporation, no matter where you live.

State-specific S corp and C corp instructions

Starting your business as a corporation means thinking big. Whether your company is a C corp or an S corp, you’ll be able to issue stock, hold shareholder meetings, and have limited liability protection. That mean easier access to capital and, if worse comes to worse, neither you nor your co-owners or shareholders won’t be held personally responsible for debts or liabilities.

Corporations and LLCs differ in a few important ways. Corporations have stricter guidelines to stay compliant and there’s a bit more paperwork you’ll need to stay on top of. You’ll be able to sell stock—something LLCs can’t do—and, generally, investors look more favorably on corporations.

We can also help you understand more about the differences between corporations and LLCs and, if you think forming as an LLC is better for your business, we have state-specific information about LLCs. And, as your business grows, we have the compliance forms and hiring documents you need to make your life a small business owner easier.

If you'd like to start your S corp or C corp, just click on the state you call home and we’ll help you every step of the way.