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Legally close your business to avoid penalties.
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Rocket Lawyer Articles of Dissolution


State Compliance

Incorporated businesses that are no longer running need to be officially dissolved to avoid fees and penalties.


Avoid Tax Issues

It's important to dissolve any non-active business to avoid potential tax implications.


Quick & Easy

Filing an Articles of Dissolution takes just a few minutes and helps protect your personal assets.

Our Promise


If you're not completely satisfied with your order, we'll refund all Rocket Lawyer fees.

Why file your Articles of Dissolution with Rocket Lawyer?

State compliance

For every state your business is registered in to conduct business, you must file an Articles of Dissolution to inform the state(s) if your business has ended.

Avoid tax problems

When a business ends and it's not officially dissolved with an Articles of Dissolution, you could still be liable for taxes and fees for a non-active company.

Protect your assets

If you don't officially dissolve an inactive business and end up with outstanding taxes and fees, your personal finances and assets could be at risk for tax liens.

Good business practice

Filing an Articles of Dissolution officially ties up the loose ends when ending a business and ensures the state and your business associates are notified, and any remaining assets properly distributed.

Easy to file

It takes just a few minutes to provide the necessary information, then we take care of the rest, filing your Articles of Dissolution and other forms in the states where your business operates.

Experienced professionals

Our business specialists make it simple and easy to file your Articles of Dissolution and all the other required documents.

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