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Rental Application

Reviewed by Rocket Lawyer On Call Attorney  Emilyn Arbital, Esq

A Rental Application is like a resume for apartment seekers. As a landlord, you’ll be able to use a Rental Application—sometimes called a Lease Application—to get all the information you need to decide which applicant is right for your property. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a uniform way to compare prospective renters.

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Use a Rental Agreement if:

  • You are renting out a property.
  • You want to document each applicant.
  • You want to perform background and credit checks on applicants.

Sample Rental Application

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Rental Application.

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Other names for a Rental Application:

Lease Application, Tenant Rental Application, Residential Lease Application, Rental Application Form

Rental Application Basics:

A Rental Application Form---sometimes referred to as a Lease Application---can help you weed out applicants who don’t meet the criteria you need for your building. Knowing your applicants’ credit score and salary can help you discern if they’ll be able to afford your property. Knowing if they have pets allows you to charge a pet deposit or, if your building outlaws pets, skip that applicant in favor of a better suited one. And getting information about past landlords lets you check how responsible your prospective renters are.

How to use a Rental Application:

If you’re renting out a property, chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of applicants. Landlords go about using our rental application form a couple different ways.

First off, you can choose to have your applicants fill them out by hand. Our rental application form is printable and this allows you to get the information you need from prospective renters as soon as you’re done showing the property. Simply create your document with the information about the house or apartment and leave the fields with renter information blank. Print multiple copies and bring them to your open house.

Secondly, you can have renters fill out this application online, either on a laptop or tablet at the property itself, or you can have them fill it out at their own leisure. We take care of storing electronic copies of each completed application, so you’ll never have far to look when deciding who the best tenant will be.

What you’ll need to create a Rental Application Form:

  • Basic information: You’ll first want to describe the property in question. Input the address and a description of the property. The description doesn’t need to be overly long, however, so something like “two bedroom, one bath townhouse with a front and side yard” is often sufficient.
  • Rental length and cost: Industry standard is that your rental will run one year. This gives you, the landlord, the peace of mind that your tenant will stay for a full 12 months, as well as allowing your renter the comfort of knowing he or she will be there for a while. Often times, your contract will allow for automatic month-to-month renewals, though this should be taken care of in your Rental Agreement. You’ll also want to note the monthly rent of your property.
  • Deposits: There are three main types of deposits worth noting in a Rental Application form. The first is whether there is a pet deposit, generally to guard the landlord against damage done by a companion animal. Next is a security deposit. Often, this deposit is about the same as a month (or two months) rent and is returned to the renter if no damage is done to the property. (Note that wear-and-tear does not count.) Lastly, you can ask for an application deposit, which discourages non-serious renters from applying.
  • Applicant background check: Landlords typically will want to check into an applicant’s truthfulness, responsibility, and promptness in paying. To do so, you have many options. You can do a credit check---probably the most common tactic---as well as contacting the prospective renter’s employer, viewing the applicant’s bank statement, or making sure the possible tenant’s pay stubs show sufficient income to cover the cost of the property.

Get started Create your Rental Application now. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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