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Empowering Inventors and Entrepreneurs

New Patent Center by Rocket Lawyer Helps Innovators Save Money and Time

SAN FRANCISCO (May 19, 2009) -- A new online Patent Center, unveiled today by Rocket Lawyer, makes it easy for inventors and innovators to complete the patent application process at a low cost and spend more time on their inventions.  The free resource empowers patent seekers by providing an online do it yourself Provisional Patent Application, free information on the patent process, resources for doing patent searches, and access to patent lawyers nationwide.  Patenting a new product often poses a daunting challenge to individual inventors or small companies who don't have a staff dedicated to the process.

A provisional patent is the first step towards getting a patent, and allows patent filers to test the patentability of their products without the time and expense of completing the full non-provisional patent application.  The provisional patent also provides a leg up on the competition by giving the filer an earlier patent date and allowing "patent pending" to be applied to the invention.  Yet, navigating through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's complex instructions can be difficult and time consuming.

Now, there is a simple and affordable way to protect an invention.  Patent seekers can complete Rocket Lawyer's free Provisional Patent Application themselves, online with the Rocket Lawyer Easy Interview™.  Instead of navigating through a sea of legalese, inventors can answer a few simple questions about their invention and create a complete Provisional Patent Application in minutes!  Plus, qualified patent lawyers are only a click away to help online when needed.

Patent lawyer Steve Nielson said, "I hear a lot of sad stories of how people have tried to claim a date of invention by sending themselves a letter or by use of some other urban patent myth.  The provisional patent is the most efficient way to secure a priority date or date of invention against someone who might copy your invention or be "inspired" by your invention and then file for their own patent."

"In this economy, a key to successful entrepreneurship is saving money while getting the job done right. We're thrilled to be able to support innovation and ease the burden on the start-up innovator who has a great idea, but is not sure where to start," said Rob Elhardt, Rocket Lawyer's Senior VP of Product Management.  "From free patent information, to the easy-to-complete Provisional Patent Application and other useful legal documents, our new Patent Center gives inventors valuable support at a low cost, plus access to great patent attorneys too."

In addition to a free Provisional Patent Application and information, Rocket Lawyer's Patent Center is a gateway to an affordable suite of legal tools for small business, accessible with an Easy Legal Care™ membership.  For as little as $39.95, Easy Legal Care members can manage all of the legal tasks for their business, like corporate minutes, contracts, business letters, taxes and more.

Visit the Rocket Lawyer Patent Center at today.

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