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Finally! Online Legal Services Go Mainstream

SAN FRANCISCO (April 2, 2008) -- Have you ever needed help with a legal document but didn't know where to turn? Want to find a lawyer who works the way you do? A lawyer, who uses the Web, skips the fancy office and cuts down on paperwork, passing the savings on to you? If the answers to these questions are yes, then can help.

Today, raised the bar for quality legal services by becoming the first do it yourself legal site to include integrated legal document review from virtual law offices nationwide. Now, using's patent-pending Click-through Legal Review(TM) system, clients, lawyers and other parties can work together to review and complete legal documents online -- no mail and no faxes required.

"Unlike other legal web sites, works the way people do. Sometimes people can manage simple legal tasks themselves. At other times, they should seek the counsel and expertise that only a trained legal professional can provide. Click-through Legal Review makes it easy for everyone to get fast online legal document assistance from a real lawyer," says Charley Moore, founder and CEO of

Delivering Easy Legal Help that Saves People Money

Loaded with features for both personal and professional use, can help clients and lawyers drive down costs and improve quality. For example:

  • Anyone can create a legal document online at any time of the day or
    night.  The entire process can be completed from start to finish without
    the need to wait for "normal" business hours, the mail or the fax machine;
  • Lawyers and other parties can review legal documents created at on their own time, with all edits, revisions, comments and
    versions tracked and document histories available to all collaborators at
    all times;
  • For most legal documents, there is no need for in person meetings,
    faxes, mail and other location-limiting characteristics of traditional
    attorney-client relationships.  Instead, anyone is free to do the work
    themselves or engage a qualified lawyer of their choosing for help,
    regardless of their physical location.  Needless to say, this geography
    expanding feature can make a big difference in cost for both the lawyer and
    the client, resulting in better economics for the entire project.

Learn more about Rocket Lawyer Legal Document services:

Transforming Virtual Law Offices into a Legal Network for Everyone

Increasingly, highly skilled and Web savvy lawyers, including the growing legions of home-office attorneys, are seeking to establish online practices. is the first to fully offer the unique Web-based tools that virtual law office lawyers need to deliver their services to more clients.

"While someone who needs a lawyer for almost any matter, can find a lawyer in minutes using, it isn't just a match-maker, passing potential client leads to attorneys. Instead, our tools help facilitate the actual delivery of legal services online by qualified lawyers, who use the same site that the client uses," states Charley Moore. He continues: "The client has complete visibility into the legal process, as every change that a lawyer makes to a document is logged and tracked. Lawyers and clients can communicate with each other online and by telephone. Clients can save thousands of dollars by working with Web enabled lawyers who reduce the overhead of physical offices and paperwork, passing the savings directly to their smart clients."

As California lawyer Ruben Sundeen, Esq., explains: "More often, I'm seeing clients who use the Internet every day for all sorts of things, and they expect their lawyer to be available online and as easy to work with as their online bank, brokerage or social networking site." He continues: "With, I was able to publish my online profile, link it to my firm Web site and get started in minutes." Mr. Sundeen, of the law offices of Sundeen, Salinas and Pyle, can be found online at:

Similarly, Arkansas lawyer Danny Clearman states: "My law practice is probably a bit different from traditional offices with which you may be familiar. I do not maintain a 'traditional' law office. For years I maintained a customary law office and was continually amazed at the expense of doing so. Finally, I decided to do something different. Now, I maintain this 'virtual' office." Mr Clearman's online legal profile may be viewed at:

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