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LegalOut Launches, Helping LGBT Individuals and Couples Protect Themselves With Affordable, Efficient Online Legal Document Preparation

ATLANTA (March 26, 2009) – No one likes to think about times of personal crisis such as illness, accidents, or even death. But such planning is essential for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and couples, whose basic civil rights, depending on state legislation, can be severely restricted.

Now, LGBT individuals and couples can protect themselves, their relationships, and their property, thanks to LegalOut, an online legal resource center that officially launched today. Founded by Atlanta entrepreneur Lindalisa Severo and powered by Rocket Lawyer – a top online legal assistance solutions firm that has been helping consumers with computerized legal documents for more than 10 years – LegalOut provides essential, affordable legal documents in a simple, easy-to-follow online format.

For a segment of society that continues to fight for the same basic civil rights that millions of Americans enjoy, taking the steps to protect oneself is even more critical, Severo says. “Can you imagine being in the hospital after an accident, and your partner couldn’t even visit you because your state doesn’t recognize partners as family members?” Severo points out. “This is all about giving people in the LGBT community the power to take control over their critical life decisions.”

Charley Moore, founder of, said “Starting today, LGBT citizens can easily and affordably access the specific legal documents they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. Rocket Lawyer is proud to be working with LegalOut on this important and much needed innovation in LGBT legal services.”

LegalOut’s customized documents were developed by qualified attorneys for the specific needs of the LGBT community. Unlike “boilerplate” legal documents offered by many websites, LegalOut’s offerings reflect the specific concerns and needs of the LGBT community and are designed to protect their rights. Documents include estate planning, living wills, domestic partnerships, financial and healthcare power of attorney, co-parenting agreements, and many others.

LegalOut provides a user-friendly site and online tools to help individuals confidently prepare for their future, according to Lauren Mross, LegalOut’s vice president of user experience. Mross brings over a decade of user-focused Web and interactive design experience to the LegalOut team. “With documents like living wills and power of attorney, there’s a fear factor involved for many people, and therefore they put off taking care of these necessities,” Mross says. “We wanted to take that apprehension away by creating a site based on simple navigation and easy-to-use formats, and backing all of it up with Rocket Lawyer’s proven legal expertise.”

In addition, LegalOut provides information and resources to keep members informed, empowered, and protected – connecting LGBT individuals, families and business operators with lawyers who understand the unique needs of the LGBT community and providing the best LGBT legal community links on the web.

For more information, contact or visit You can also check out LegalOut’s latest news and happenings through Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.™ ( makes legal help easy. Whether someone wants to write their own legal documents or find a lawyer, is a simple and affordable solution. also provides a complete suite of online services for attorneys, called the Web Law Office™. Complimentary to its online services, Rocket Lawyer develops integrated PC software, including Home and Business Attorney from H&R Block®, My Attorney™ and Will Creator™ from Avanquest, and Family Lawyer™ from Broderbund. Rocket Lawyer powered software is available at most major online and offline retailers, nationwide. Rocket Lawyer Incorporated is based in San Francisco, California.

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