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Neil Greenbaum

Neil Greenbaum, Esq.

Delray Beach , FL

Rocket Lawyer On Call® Attorney

Joined on 04/2013

Licensed to practice in:


Practice Information


Neil Greenbaum

Neil Greenbaum, Esq.

20 South Swinton Avenue

Delray Beach , FL 33444

Practice Areas for Neil Greenbaum

Business Law - Transactional

Personal Asset Transactions

Contract Law

General Practice

Real Estate

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Meet Neil Greenbaum

I focus on meeting the legal needs of myclients by providing comprehensive, high-quality representation in a variety of practice areas.

Our practice focuses on business and real estate transactions for a broad range of small businesses and individuals.

??My primary goal is to protect my clients’ legal rights, zealously represent their interests, and work my hardest to obtain the best outcome for each client’s case or legal matter.

 To accomplish these goals, I treat my clients fairly and with respect, providing them with the personal attention they deserve.

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Joined on 04/2013

License Details for Neil Greenbaum

NY, 1993, #2533768 - Active

FL, 1993, #985295 - Active

Work Experience

Fordham University School of Law



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