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Meet Joseph Leon

In my resume, you will find prestigious credentials (such as top grades at a top tier school, a federal clerkship, and big firm experience). And also, you will find more down-to-earth credentials, (such as small firm experience and public sector experience). 

Because of this broad experience, I can, unlike many attorneys, handle the full gamut of legal needs of both small businesses and individuals. It is like having your own in-house legal department. 

Credentials include:

  • Graduating with honors (top 25%) from a top ten law school, the University of Texas at Austin

  • Being licensed to practice law in 4 states (NY, TX, MO, KS), although I currently limit my practice to New York

  • Prior clerkship experience, including two years as a law clerk for a federal district judge that resulted in numerous published and frequently cited opinions

  •  Big firm experience in the commercial litigation and financial restructuring groups at Morgan Lewis, one of the largest law firms in the world

  • Public service experience, including two years representing indigent criminal defendants at the Kansas Appellate Defender

For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of raising my daughter and running my own law firm from home. I serve both individuals and the small businesses they own, and I find it rewarding to provide high quality counsel at a reasonable price, adding value to my clients' lives. Please call me and learn what I have to offer.

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Joined on 09/2013

License Details for Joseph Leon

NY , 2000 , #3063724 - Active

Work Experience

Texas Supreme Court

Law Clerk


Morgan Lewis LLP

Senior Associate


United States District Court

Law Clerk


Shook Hardy and Bacon LLP



The Law Offices of Joseph Leon, PLLC



Appellate Defender for the State of Kansas

Associate Appellate Defender



Trinity University in San Antonio


The University of Texas School of Law


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