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Johann Chau

Johann Chau, JD

Chicago , IL

Licensed to practice in:


Practice Information


Johann Chau

Johann Chau, JD

332 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1032 #C257

Chicago , IL 60604

Practice Areas for Johann Chau

Business Law - Commercial Litigation

Business Law - Transactional

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Meet Johann Chau

Chau has 6 years experience in the corporate legal environment as the Executive Assistant to the General Counsel of the American Medical Association.  He did this while going to law school part time.  He also started his own business right out of Cornell University.  He believes that the law is there to help and assist others and volunteers to serve low income people.

He approaches legal services from a different angle.  He prefers to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses in the areas of preventative legal services, ongoing outside general counsel, and risk management.  It usually starts with a conversation of the business' legal needs, goals, and what value can be provided.  The firm proposes plans for consideration.  The business is encouraged to discuss its needs and goals.  When both parties come to agreeable terms of service, a relationship starts.

Services range from document review and drafting, entity formation, business consults, and a variety of other business services.  The firm approaches ala carte services with the same philosophy of assessing needs, goals, terms, prices, and long term outlook.

Contacting him does not create an attorney-client relationship nor does it create any obligation or duty.  Any information sent is not guaranteed to be confidential.  This summary is for informational purposes only.  Please email and leave general inquiries only.  He only serves Illinois State.

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English, Vietnamese
License Details for Johann Chau

IL, 2010, #6303041 - Active

Work Experience

Chinatown Pro Bono Legal Clinic

Volunteer Attorney


Johann Chau, JD



American Medical Association

Executive Assistant to the General Counsel


Chicago Volunteer Legal Services

Volunteer Attorney


Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc.

Volunteer Attorney



Loyola University Law School



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