As a business owner, do you need a prenup?

In the UK, prenups are not (yet), legally-binding. They can, however, still carry substantial weight in family courts. For this reason, anyone with significant pre-marital assets, especially a business, should […]

International Women’s Day: celebrating women business owners

In celebration of International Women’s Day we’re sharing some of the stories of our women business owners! Rocket Lawyer is proud to support women business owners and is committed to […]

Summary of the Budget 2021

Budget 2021

The Chancellor announced the Budget on 3 March. The Government’s spending plans this year aim to continue to aid businesses and jobs through the Coronavirus pandemic and to support a […]

Meet a Small Business Owner: Claire from New Bee-ginnings, Stockport

Every year, over 4 million people choose Rocket Lawyer UK for their legal needs, whether it’s making easy legal documents, getting affordable advice or obtaining reliable legal guidance. So, we’ve […]

Dangers of trading while insolvent

If your business is experiencing long-term financial struggles, you may find that your company needs to take urgent action rather than bide time and hope to reach a position of […]

Key documents you might need when taking the next step in your relationship

5 documents you might need when taking the next step in your relationship

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching you might be considering taking the next step with your partner. This could be getting married, moving in together or buying a house. Whatever the […]

Win for small businesses: UKSC ruling on landmark insurance case

On 15 January 2021, the UK Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling on a business insurance test case. The result of this case means that many small businesses will receive […]

What documents do I need to protect my business from Brexit-related disruption?

On 24 December 2020, the UK and EU agreed on the EU-UK Trade Agreement, removing the risks and uncertainty that would have come with a no-deal Brexit. Despite this, there’s […]

Post- Brexit: how will data protection rules change?

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (Trade Agreement) states that both the UK and EU will remain “committed to ensuring a high level of personal data protection”. It also confirms […]

How to close a solvent company

The route you take to close your company will be determined by the health of your business and whether it is solvent or insolvent. If your business is viable, has […]

Post- Brexit: how will the import and export of goods change?

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement sets out the rules for trading between the EU and UK. Adopting this deal means the UK has avoided having to trade under World Trade […]

How to close an insolvent company

If your business is experiencing financial distress and creditor pressure because  you no longer have the funds to meet essential payments and fulfil financial commitments, your company may be days […]