6 changes that landlords should be aware of in 2018


Last year saw a number of dramatic changes for landlords and the rental market. Recently, there have been changes to buy-to-let mortgage tax relief, affordability tests and stamp duty which […]

4 tips for landlords to avoid invalid section 21 notices

Section 21

Getting your property back from your tenant can be tricky if don’t follow the correct procedure.  You can either serve a Section 8 notice or a Section 21 notice depending on […]

Does consumer law apply to landlords?


Not many landlords would typically associate themselves with consumer law. Most landlords would normally refer to themselves as investors, however they are providing a service (a home) to consumers (their […]

The problem with overseas investment in UK leasehold property


Leaseholds have been around for centuries, but in a modern context, they only started to gain ground in the 1920s and it took until the 1950s for leaseholds to start […]

Have we seen an end to retaliatory eviction?

Repairs needed!

Retaliatory eviction was a problem for many years, until the government added new anti-retaliatory protection to the statute book. Will the new government measures prevent these types of evictions and […]

3 ways to deal with neighbour issues and disputes

Neighbour disputes

There are many reasons why neighbours fall out. Common complaints include loud music, barking dogs and over-hanging trees. But taking your neighbour to court could be costly and emotionally draining. […]

Break clauses: A guide for tenants and landlords

Break Clauses

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the details of your lease are there to protect you, so it is important to understand what a break clause is and […]

Need to vent about your rent? Your rights as a tenant

Vent your rent

Tenants are tweeting about their worst rental property experiences with the hashtag #VentYourRent, started by Generation Rent to highlight tenants’ issues. These include high rents, vermin, and damp. Read Rocket […]

Half of landlords affected by removal of wear and tear allowance

Wear and tear allowance

Almost half (47 per cent) of landlords will be affected by the removal of the annual wear and tear allowance, according to new findings from the National Landlords Association (NLA). […]

Nearly 25% of UK landlords entered the business accidentally

Terraced houses

Around 360,000 UK landlords came into the residential private rental market accidentally or unintentionally, a report has revealed. The National Landlords Association (NLA) survey asked landlords why they first entered […]

Landlords urged to consider costs to measure returns

Landlord costs

Costs associated with the annual running and upkeep of a buy-to-let property – including letting agent fees, maintenance, repairs, marketing fees and mortgage interest – amounts to an average of […]

NLA makes it easier for tenants to check their landlords

London city street

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has launched its initiative to enable tenants to check if their landlord is accredited. Providing a simple method for tenants to check whether their landlord […]