5 key employment law changes you should be aware of

April tends to be a busy time for employers as it’s the month where key employment law changes are made. This blog will outline the main changes you should be […]

Is your physical security GDPR compliant?

Is Your Physical Security GDPR Compliant? Even though the UK has now officially left the EU, GDPR still applies. The rules were updated slightly when they were incorporated into UK […]

Summary of the Budget 2021

Budget 2021

The Chancellor announced the Budget on 3 March. The Government’s spending plans this year aim to continue to aid businesses and jobs through the Coronavirus pandemic and to support a […]

Post-Brexit: the new immigration system explained

From 1 January 2021 the EU’s Free Movement of People in the UK will come to an end. Freedom of movement gives EU citizens the right to live and work […]

Managing social media use

In principle, managing an employee’s use of social media is the same as managing their real-world behaviour. In practice, however, it can turn into a minefield for employers. The most […]

Can employers make vaccination against coronavirus mandatory?

The UK Government has said that they will not make vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory. However, the question still remains as to whether employers will be able to make vaccination a […]

What does the Spending Review mean for employees and businesses?

On 25 November 2020, the Chancellor set out the Government’s Spending Review. Uniquely, this Spending Review will only cover a one year period amidst the economic difficulty caused by COVID-19. […]

COVID19 and your employment rights

In general, your employment rights during COVID19 are much the same as your employment rights at any other time. There may, however, be questions about how they should be interpreted […]

Extension of the furlough scheme and what you need to know

Note: This article was edited on 17 December 2020 to reflect the Chancellor’s extension of the CJRS until April 2021.   The UK Government has announced that a second national […]

How to protect your business when an employee leaves

Ransomware and hacking attacks may be what makes the media headlines. In the real world, however, most data theft is probably the digital equivalent of pick pocketing. It can be […]

The role of physical security for the hospitality industry

Physical security guards have long been a useful asset for the hospitality industry. They give owners, staff and patrons a sense of security. This sense of security is well-justified. Physical […]

Understanding the Chancellor’s new Job Support Scheme

The economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses across the UK.  As we enter the winter period, a fresh 6 months of restrictions coincide with the end of […]