Trade marks and trade mark trolls

Trade mark trolls

All entrepreneurs should be aware of their rights regarding intellectual property (IP) and how to protect these (potentially very valuable) assets. Words, logos, sounds, symbols and slogans can all be […]

Keeping your trade secrets – secret!

Keep your trade secrets secret

Some of the most important assets of many startups or small businesses consist of their intellectual property and/or trade secrets such as market strategies and client lists. However, in order to […]

5 IP facts that new businesses owners should know

New IP ideas to protect

In this series of posts about starting a new business, I’ve discussed How NOT to name your new business, funding your startup, 5 pre-registration decisions you need to make for […]

Copyright or copywrong? – What changes in IP law mean for you


An amendment to copyright law taking effect last week means that parodies will now be an exception to copyright infringement in the UK – but only if they are funny. […]

What is intellectual property?

What is IP?

So, imagine the scene. You’ve spent weeks, months or even years, dreaming about making your brilliant idea into a business reality. You’ve taken those first tentative steps – registered a […]