General Election 2017 – Employment policies

Don’t know who to vote for on 8 June? Samantha Jolliffe gives us the lowdown on what the main political parties have in store for business and employment.

The gig economy – where are we now?

Establishing the employment status of persons they have engaged has for long, been a tricky area for employers. Is the individual working in an employee capacity (and therefore, entitled to […]

What’s new in employment law?

Employment law update 2016

There are a number of new pieces of employment law legislation due to come into force in the coming months and a number of important rulings employers need to be […]

Brexit – what’s next for employment law?

Will workers’ rights be eroded as ‘remainers’ allege, or will the UK be free to make and enforce its own employment laws without EU interference? How else will the decision for […]

Are employers allowed to monitor employee emails?

To what extent are employers allowed to monitor employee emails?

In the case of Barbulescu v Romania, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that an employer monitoring personal messages sent by an employee at work did not unlawfully […]

General Election 2015: Employment proposals (part 3)

Employment proposals - GE2015

In the final part of this short series on what the main parties proposals are for the 2015 General Election regarding employment rights, I look at manifesto pledges for working parents […]

General Election 2015: Employment proposals (part 2)

Employment proposals general election

Following on from yesterday’s post by Mark Edwards on proposals from the main parties on pay and working time, zero hours contracts and protection for vulnerable workers, today I will look at […]