Modernising inheritance – changes to the law of intestacy

Modernising inheritance – changes to the law of intestacy

Today (Wednesday 1st October) changes to the rules that determine what happens to our assets when we die without a will come into force. The new intestacy rules, found in […]

What the overhaul of consumer rights law means

Prompted by the EU, the government is aiming to put the mess of UK consumer regulations into some kind of order. I’ll highlight the major changes and explain how small […]

More opportunities for remote working lead to a rise in space sharing

As traditional office rents become increasingly expensive and technological advances allow many employees to work remotely, there has been something of a revolution taking place within the realm of office […]

Online sales on the increase: is your business ready?

Working remotely

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), December 2013 saw a record amount of online shopping, with around a fifth of non-food items bought through the web and almost a […]

How can employment policies benefit business?

Ensuring that your company has a comprehensive set of up-to-date employment policies and procedures allows your employees to understand their rights and responsibilities and helps the management team to fulfil […]

When to consider a business partnership

Business Law from Rocket Lawyer UK

According to statistics from the Federation of Small Business (FSB), there were over 400,000 business partnerships in the UK at the beginning of 2013. Although this only accounts for around […]

Why directors’ duties are increasingly important

Business Law from Rocket Lawyer UK

It’s becoming more and more important for company directors to think about their legal duties; here Pieta Das Gupta, Head of Legal, explains why. Company directors have certain legal duties […]

What to think about when appointing senior employees

Employment Law from Rocket Lawyer

When you take on senior members of staff who will play an integral part in your business, there are a variety of issues which need to be taken into account. […]

What is the role of a non-executive director?

Business Law from Rocket Lawyer UK

Most people have heard of non-executive directors (NEDs) but the nature of their role is often shrouded in mystery. Whilst they have the same legal duties and responsibilities as executive […]

8 key points to remember when hiring staff

Flexible working

It’s a daunting thought, taking on your first employee. It’s not helped by all the myths surrounding the employment process: about red tape, discrimination and – worst case scenario – […]

Hurrah for the new Guvnor!

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Now along with many of you (I suspect), I’m a bit sceptical about bankers. And by “bankers” I don’t mean your nice’n helpful local bank manager, but those who work […]

Create a road map for your business!

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In my blogs, I’ve often written that doing great business has a lot to do with hard work and laying a solid foundation. As Thomas Edison (the founder of General […]