What is it like to be a paralegal at Rocket Lawyer?

Group shot

Fancy working for a legal technology startup and using your legal knowledge and experience to make the law more affordable and simple for all? Apply for our open paralegal position […]

Anti-Money Laundering Directive: How will it affect your business?

To strengthen the fight against money laundering, the European Union’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive came into force in June 2015, and all EU members states must implement the changes into […]

What does Henry VIII have to do with Brexit?

Divorce proceedings between the United Kingdom and the European Union have started, and are expected to be finalised within the next two years. But leaving the EU also means repealing […]

What to expect from the Gender Pay Gap law

Gender pay gap

In November 2016, we wrote about the Equality Act (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. These came into force on April 6th 2017. The Regulations require employers with at least 250 […]

Why is it important to use a model release?

In the age of social media, our image is more exposed and accessible than ever before. But beware – just because our society is overwhelmed with selfies, it doesn’t mean […]

6 steps to make your prenup valid

Validity of a prenup

The number of couples entering into a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding is rising, and although it might seem somehow unromantic, protecting your assets in case things go wrong […]

Driverless cars – The need for regulation

Google, Tesla, Ford, Volvo, Uber and Apple have all embraced automated vehicles technology and fully automated cars should be hitting the road in the next decade.

Tax-free childcare – What’s it all about?

The new childcare scheme, expected to be launched by the government in the coming weeks, will replace childcare vouchers, allowing working parents to obtain financial support for childcare costs.