It’s not that easy being green

As awareness of the importance of preservation of the environment continues to grow, businesses are looking for ways to become environmentally friendly, also known as “going green.”

Corporate governance reform – what’s the story?

Corporate governance reform

The 17th of February marked the closing of the government’s green paper on corporate governance reform. While the UK is already an established international leader in corporate governance, the government seeks […]

7 reasons why you should quit your job and join a startup

Every now and then, I get asked why I made the leap from corporate gig to technology startup. I’d seen Rocket Lawyer’s products, believed in its mission and liked its […]

Mind the gender pay gap

Equal pay in Hollywood has caught a great deal of attention recently. It’s clear when you look at the numbers. In 2016, the highest earning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, earned a […]

I SWEAR I’m telling the truth – an overview of the modern affidavit

Modern affidavits - how to swear what you know is true

The word “affidavit” is Medieval Latin for “he has declared upon oath.” What are affidavits? Affidavits are a written statement of fact made voluntarily under oath and administered by a […]

Seed funding – the deal with Term sheets

“Shall I compare thee investor to a summer’s day?” “How very romanticised!” I hear you cry, but if you think about it, the relationship between a start-up and an investor […]

International trade marks and the REAL Madrid

International trademarks

What do Cristiano Ronaldo and international trade mark registration have in common? The real Madrid For brand owners looking to register their trade mark rights in multiple jurisdictions, the Madrid […]

5 reasons to say “I do” to the prenup

5 reasons to say I do to a prenup

In March 2015, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (as she was known back then) made headlines, after her whirlwind marriage to Jean Bernard came to a steady halt after nineteen months. The split […]

Protect your brand – How to register your trade mark today!

Protect your brand

If you’re a start-up business, having a strong brand is vital. Now, we at Rocket Lawyer appreciate that with so many things to juggle (such as fine-tuning your product and […]

New rules for compliance with Companies House

Companies House Compliance

From 6 April 2016, companies, Societates Europaeae and Limited Liability Partnerships must keep a register of individuals or legal entities that have control over them. These people are known as […]

Used car problems – your rights

Used car problems – your rights

So you think you’ve found the perfect second hand car. It’s shiny, drives like a dream and ‘corners like it’s on rails’ (as famously expressed by Julia Roberts of Richard […]

Zero hours contracts in 2016 – zero gain?

Zero hours contract

Zero hours contracts have attracted a lot of conversation in recent years, with particular regard to exclusivity clauses.  In July 2014, we considered the proposed changes to zero hours contracts, […]