New cyber security law to be enforced across major companies

New cyber security laws

Firms in Britain will be forced to publicly declare data breaches after stern legislation on cyber security was approved by European lawmakers. The landmark changes could lead to companies being […]

Gay couple lose court fight for equal pension rights

Royal courts of justice

A gay man has lost a legal bid for his husband to be recognised with the same pension rights as a wife would have in a heterosexual relationship. The BBC […]

Twenty pence increase in minimum wage to £6.70 per hour

Increase in minimum wage

The hourly minimum wage has increased by 20p taking the new adult salary up to £6.70 an hour. Introduced on 1 October, the new rate has come into force ahead […]

Employment tribunal system needs radical reform – Law Society

Employment tribunal reform

Unlawful employment practices will continue to go unpunished unless the tribunal system is overhauled, the Law Society has warned today. The Law Society has published proposals to transform the employment […]

Half of landlords affected by removal of wear and tear allowance

Wear and tear allowance

Almost half (47 per cent) of landlords will be affected by the removal of the annual wear and tear allowance, according to new findings from the National Landlords Association (NLA). […]

Surge in ‘DIY’ justice sparks guidelines for lawyers

Lady Justice

A sharp increase in people representing themselves at court has prompted legal organisations to draft guidelines for lawyers who come up against people who find themselves in court without representation. […]

Nearly 25% of UK landlords entered the business accidentally

Terraced houses

Around 360,000 UK landlords came into the residential private rental market accidentally or unintentionally, a report has revealed. The National Landlords Association (NLA) survey asked landlords why they first entered […]

Landlords urged to consider costs to measure returns

Landlord costs

Costs associated with the annual running and upkeep of a buy-to-let property – including letting agent fees, maintenance, repairs, marketing fees and mortgage interest – amounts to an average of […]

New employment law enables Sikhs to wear turbans in all workplaces

New employment law enables Sikhs to wear turbans in all workplaces

Sikhs will now be able to wear turbans in all workplaces after a new employment law came into force across the UK last month. The BBC reports that the rule […]

NLA makes it easier for tenants to check their landlords

London city street

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has launched its initiative to enable tenants to check if their landlord is accredited. Providing a simple method for tenants to check whether their landlord […]

Buy-to-let landlords face paying thousands to hit new green targets

Buy-to-let landlords face paying thousands to hit new green targets

Buy-to-let landlords across the UK could be hit with thousands of pounds worth of bills under new green targets for their properties. From April 2018, landlords will be legally required […]

Civil court fee hikes spell disaster for access to justice

Employment tribunal fees

The government has announced it will proceed with court fee increases for some civil cases from this April and is consulting on further rises in court fees. After the government […]