Holiday pay must now take account of overtime


Full time employees are currently entitled to 28 days of paid annual leave. Up until now, the position in the UK has been that employers can calculate holiday pay on […]

How new rules on zero hours contracts could affect small businesses

Zero hours contract changes for small businesses

Business secretary Vince Cable recently announced government plans to ban exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts. I’ll outline the legal issues surrounding this increasingly popular type of employment contract and […]

A day in the life of a manager

a day in the life of a manger

Successfully managing members of staff in today’s modern workplace is no mean feat. There’s a multitude of issues and employment laws that managers face on a day to day basis, from sickness […]

How to end someones employment fairly and legallly

As an employer, there are sometimes very difficult decisions to be made. When it comes to ending the employment of one of your members of staff, you need to make […]

Employment law changes: Sick pay & tribunal penalties

Civil court fee hikes spell disaster for access to justice

A variety of employment law changes took place this April, some being regular yearly updates but others introducing significant new rules. I’ll outline the nature of these changes and how […]