Working from home

6 tips for working from home

Working from home

Letting staff work from home to receive deliveries, wait for the plumber or even rest a sprained ankle is a popular perk at Rocket Lawyer.

We can easily work remotely. The majority of our work is stored on the cloud and having virtual meetings & chats is easy (and necessary when operating in five different countries) with video conferencing & messaging software.

Read on to find out key tips from my Rocket Lawyer colleagues on how to avoid distraction, procrastination and the TV when working from home (WFH).

    1. Check whether you can actually work from home

More and more companies are allowing their staff to work from home, but that doesn’t mean that all do. If your company has a flexible working policy, check it to make sure you can WFH, and if not suggest that one is put in place. It may be that you can only work from home for a specific reason or you can only WFH a maximum amount of times per month eg once a month.

    1. Put in your request

You may have to submit a formal request to your boss, if you want to work from home on a regular basis. You can also use this formal request if you want to adjust your working hours.

    1. Set yourself up with a decent office space

A separate office with good wifi, a decent desk, chair and an extra monitor will help you stay focused.

    1. Get up and get dressed

Get up and start the day as you normally would. Working in your pyjamas from your bed is not going to increase your productivity.

    1. Make sure you are connected

There is no use trying to work from home if what you need is stored on your desktop at work. Prepare by using cloud storage. Communication between teammates is important, so be available to chat and encourage people to use Google Hangouts or similar methods for team meetings.

    1. Create a routine

Make sure you switch off at the right time and create space for lunch & breakfast. When working from home it’s easier to carry on working longer than you normally would, so make sure you have a cut off time and stick to it. You need rest time!

For further information about how to work from home and how to change your working hours read Flexible working.