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5 key employment law changes you should be aware of

April tends to be a busy time for employers as it’s the month where key employment law changes are made. This blog will outline the main changes you should be […]

Meet a Small Business Owner: Mark from Managed Language, London

Every year, over 4 million people choose Rocket Lawyer UK for their legal needs, whether it’s making easy legal documents, getting affordable advice or obtaining reliable legal guidance. So, we’ve […]

Is your physical security GDPR compliant?

Is Your Physical Security GDPR Compliant? Even though the UK has now officially left the EU, GDPR still applies. The rules were updated slightly when they were incorporated into UK […]

As a business owner, do you need a prenup?

In the UK, prenups are not (yet), legally-binding. They can, however, still carry substantial weight in family courts. For this reason, anyone with significant pre-marital assets, especially a business, should […]

International Women’s Day: celebrating women business owners

In celebration of International Women’s Day we’re sharing some of the stories of our women business owners! Rocket Lawyer is proud to support women business owners and is committed to […]

Budget 2021

Summary of the Budget 2021

The Chancellor announced the Budget on 3 March. The Government’s spending plans this year aim to continue to aid businesses and jobs through the Coronavirus pandemic and to support a […]