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Post- Brexit: how will data protection rules change?

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (Trade Agreement) states that both the UK and EU will remain “committed to ensuring a high level of personal data protection”. It also confirms […]

How to close a solvent company

The route you take to close your company will be determined by the health of your business and whether it is solvent or insolvent. If your business is viable, has […]

Post- Brexit: how will the import and export of goods change?

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement sets out the rules for trading between the EU and UK. Adopting this deal means the UK has avoided having to trade under World Trade […]

How to close an insolvent company

If your business is experiencing financial distress and creditor pressure because  you no longer have the funds to meet essential payments and fulfil financial commitments, your company may be days […]

Meet a Small Business Owner: Georgia from Square HR

Meet a Small Business Owner: Georgia Bozekova from Square HR

Every year, over 4 million people choose Rocket Lawyer UK for their legal needs, whether it’s starting a business, hiring new people or getting answers from lawyers that specialise in […]

Rocket Lawyer is hiring a Company & Commercial Solicitor!

About Rocket Lawyer We believe everyone deserves access to affordable and simple legal services. Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer is the largest and most widely used online legal service platform […]

Post-Brexit: the new immigration system explained

From 1 January 2021, the EU’s Free Movement of People in the UK will come to an end. Freedom of movement gives EU citizens the right to live and work […]

Managing social media use

In principle, managing an employee’s use of social media is the same as managing their real-world behaviour. In practice, however, it can turn into a minefield for employers. The most […]

Key changes and updates landlords should know for 2021

The world of property is constantly changing and being a landlord is already a difficult task without the additional stress and pressure of having to remain aware of the constantly […]

Your Brexit Toolkit

Your Brexit Toolkit

On 24 December 2020 the UK and EU agreed on a trade deal, removing the risks and uncertainty that would have come with a no-deal Brexit. Despite this, there’s no […]