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GDPR – How will the GDPR be enforced?

The GDPR and UK Data Protection Act 2018 are in full force, and some businesses will be compliant with the new data privacy laws, while others will not. The GDPR […]


Rocket Lawyer’s documents are GDPR compliant!

Happy GDPR Day. And great news… Rocket Lawyer’s documents are GDPR compliant! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get these documents up and running. A few of the […]

Ask a lawyer

How do I comply with the GDPR?

At Rocket Lawyer UK, we’ve helped to answer over 10,000 legal questions from our members since 2012. From doing some analysis we’ve managed to pick out some common issues that […]


5 things employers need to know about GDPR!

GDPR – 4 letters that has everyone concerned (and with good reason).


What’s it like to be on the Rocket Lawyer On Call panel?

Rocket Lawyer is a legal technology company that provides families and small business with legal help online. We help with legal documents and filings, and we work with a network […]


New rules for gambling industry

All businesses need to win new customers to keep going. It’s particularly true in the world of gambling, where customers may gamble periodically, such as during major sporting events. Bonus […]