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Lawyers – Join the Rocket Lawyer On Call panel

What are we looking for? Rocket Lawyer is looking for¬†firms and lawyers who can to help us make legal issues simple. We are asking for lawyers and firms who like […]


Earth Day 2018: The Attenborough Effect

This year marks the 48th Earth Day since it first started in 1970. Earth Day is now a global event each year, and more than 1 billion people in 192 […]

Ask a lawyer

How do I dismiss my employee legally?

At Rocket Lawyer UK we’ve helped to answer over 10,000 legal questions from our members since 2012. From doing some analysis we’ve managed to pick out some common issues that […]


Are you complying with the new energy regulations?

As a landlord you have a number of responsibilities either directly to your tenants or for the specifics of your property. Recent changes regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) means landlords […]

Rocket Lawyer customer feature

Tell us how Rocket Lawyer has helped you!

Over the last 5 years Rocket Lawyer UK has helped thousands of individuals and businesses with their legal issues. Rocket Lawyer members have made¬†wills, business plans, privacy policies and tenancy […]