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Small business

Supporting local businesses on Small Business Saturday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to shop for sale items (who doesn’t love 30% off), but these days largely benefit corporations and large retailers. Small Business Saturday […]


What is a common law marriage?

A 2017 poll conducted by Resolution found that there are 3.3m cohabiting couples. Two-thirds of these couples do not know that legally, ‘common law marriage’ does not exist. The poll was conducted to […]

Employment lawyers

Why do you need an employment lawyer?

Are you a new employer who needs help understanding how to manage your employees? Are you unsure of the proper ways to discipline your employees? Employment lawyers can assist you […]


How to handle a divorce when adultery is involved

Divorce proceedings are generally challenging situations at the best of times but divorces due to adultery can be even more so. The person wanting the divorce may well be full […]

5 changes to the new divorce petition form

From August 2017, spouses must use the new updated petition form when seeking a divorce, dissolution (of a civil partnership) or legal separation. The new form is mostly the same […]

Surviving spouses

How are surviving spouses treated in the UK?

“With all my worldly goods I thee endow”, it’s one of the basic assumptions of a marriage (or civil partnership). The spouse/civil partner (and any children born of the union) […]

5 reasons why you need a mentor for your start-up

Mentors. They’ve been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt (well maybe not that last one). Yet an unbelievably low number of entrepreneurs start their careers without one. We’re living […]

Package holidays – what happens when things go wrong

After the collapse of Monarch Airlines earlier this month, I have been thinking about package holidays. What would I do had I been affected? What are ‘package’ holidays? A ‘package […]