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Repairs needed!

Have we seen an end to retaliatory eviction?

Retaliatory eviction was a problem for many years, until the government added new anti-retaliatory protection to the statute book. Will the new government measures prevent these types of evictions and […]

Holiday entitlement

Calculating holiday entitlement made easy

When you employ staff you’ll need to calculate the amount of holiday they’re entitled to. The amount of annual leave an employee is entitled to differs depending on several factors. […]

Marriage Myths

3 common marriage myths debunked

Marriage is “Till death us do part” but the reality is that marital breakup is a fact of life in the 21st century. Just as the act of getting married […]

Illegal downloading

Has winter come for illegal downloading and streaming?

It’s no surprise that HBO’s Game of Thrones has taken the number one spot for being the most illegally downloaded TV-show in four consecutive years. With a global fanbase and […]


How to hold your own festival

If you want to hold your own festival or event you’ll need to understand the licensing rules for events and how they will apply. Read on to find out what […]