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Free Wifi

Offered free wifi? Check the terms and conditions!

I read about a prank recently, whereby thousands of free WiFi users inadvertently agreed to 1000 hours of community service by accepting a public WiFi business’ terms and conditions. Duties […]

Neighbour disputes

3 ways to deal with neighbour issues and disputes

There are many reasons why neighbours fall out. Common complaints include loud music, barking dogs and over-hanging trees. But taking your neighbour to court could be costly and emotionally draining. […]

6 questions about prenups

6 questions about prenuptial agreements

Creating a prenuptial agreement (and therefore planning for a potential split) may seem like the complete opposite of what to do when you’re about to get married. However, creating a […]

Break Clauses

Break clauses: A guide for tenants and landlords

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the details of your lease are there to protect you, so it is important to understand what a break clause is and […]

Working from home

6 tips for working from home

Letting staff work from home to receive deliveries, wait for the plumber or even rest a sprained ankle is a popular perk at Rocket Lawyer. We can easily work remotely. […]