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What is it like to be a paralegal at Rocket Lawyer?

Fancy working for a legal technology startup and using your legal knowledge and experience to make the law more affordable and simple for all? Apply for our open paralegal position […]


Important considerations on pensions on divorce or dissolution

Pensions are becoming an important consideration for us all, with many unsure about how they will secure their futures. Changes to the way pensions are dealt with have had a […]


Don’t yell “You’re fired” to your employees – Dismissal explained

For those that watch The Apprentice on television, you’ll know the notorious phrase – You’re fired – quoted by the business magnate and media personality, Alan Sugar. However firing an […]

Law enforcement agencies get tougher on Food Crime

Law enforcement agencies get tougher on food crime

The Food Crime Reporting Hotline was launched in December 2016, with the aim of encouraging industry insiders to report any cases of deceit when it comes to the sale, manufacture […]

General Election 2017 – Employment policies

Don’t know who to vote for on 8 June? Samantha Jolliffe gives us the lowdown on what the main political parties have in store for business and employment.