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5 reasons to say I do to a prenup

5 reasons to say “I do” to the prenup

In March 2015, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (as she was known back then) made headlines, after her whirlwind marriage to Jean Bernard came to a steady halt after nineteen months. The split […]

Child custody

Child custody – Making arrangements for children after divorce

If you’re getting divorced or separating from a long term partner, the impact upon any children is often the most complicated and sensitive issue. Many questions surrounding child custody will […]

Trade mark classes

What are trade mark classes and why are they so important?

Every entrepreneur needs to think about trade marks when looking to invest in their branding, in particular, the ‘class(es)’ within which to register their trade mark. This is an area where people […]

Protect your brand

Protect your brand – How to register your trade mark today!

If you’re a start-up business, having a strong brand is vital. Now, we at Rocket Lawyer appreciate that with so many things to juggle (such as fine-tuning your product and […]