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New cyber security laws

New cyber security law to be enforced across major companies

Firms in Britain will be forced to publicly declare data breaches after stern legislation on cyber security was approved by European lawmakers. The landmark changes could lead to companies being […]

New IP ideas to protect

5 IP facts that new businesses owners should know

In this series of posts about starting a new business, I’ve discussed How NOT to name your new business, funding your startup, 5 pre-registration decisions you need to make for […]

Christmas presents

Christmas shoppers urged to use their rights as complaints soar

Faulty goods, misleading claims and substandard services mean Christmas presents fly back on to the shelves in January, according to new figures from Citizens Advice. Analysis by the charity shows […]

Tax for businesses

4 questions on tax obligations for your new business

In addition to paying VAT (which experts Zervant wrote about last week on the Rocket Lawyer blog), businesses also have pay corporation tax, file an annual Company Tax Return and […]

Companies complaint

How to keep your company compliant with Companies House

In the third and fourth #getstartedup series I discussed how to create your company and the decisions you would need to make to when doing so. I also discussed the […]