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New EU ruling on commission and holiday pay

On 22 May, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in the case of British Gas v Lock that statutory holiday pay should include commission received on top of a […]

a day in the life of a manger

A day in the life of a manager

Successfully managing members of staff in today’s modern workplace is no mean feat. There’s a multitude of issues and employment laws that managers face on a day to day basis, from sickness […]

Give world cup sickies the boot

Give world cup “sickies” the boot!

With the World Cup due to kick off on 12 June 2014, many are predicting huge losses to UK businesses due to unauthorised staff absences. Whilst kick off times for […]

Queens speech - pro business

The Queen’s Speech – Is it pro small business?

Just as every Budget speech from the Chancellor is scrutinised by small businesses on the lookout for assistance, so too is the Queen`s Speech as it outlines the legislative plans […]

How to end someones employment fairly and legallly

As an employer, there are sometimes very difficult decisions to be made. When it comes to ending the employment of one of your members of staff, you need to make […]