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Householders warned by lenders to prepare for rate rises

Rent or Buy? Time for a change!

Ownership is an interesting word and it’s something I’ve been thinking about, because I’m buying a house at the moment. I feel very lucky and privileged to be in a […]

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Rocket Round Up: Eureka!

It’s generally agreed that creativity is a desirable thing to aspire to but is a creative brain one that is born or can it be nurtured and taught how to […]

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Let’s start a business – safely

You might not think it, but now is an excellent time to start your own business – I even have the statistics to prove it. It’s looking likely that the […]

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Rocket Round Up: Cheers! XOXO!

Are you a yours sincerely or more of a xoxo sort of person when it comes to your email sign off? Perhaps you sign off with a cheers or maybe […]

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The Jackson Effect

This week, I’ve been thinking about some important changes to court cases (or litigation) that are coming up. The changes mean that there are some more options for you to think about […]