When a person is fired from a job does employer have to give them check in letter of separation immediately

In Georgia , when a person is fired from a job does the employer have to give them their check in a letter of separation immediately? Also, does an employer (a home cleaning service) have to pay overtime wages to a part time employee working over 40 hours in 1 week?
1 Answer
Georgia does not have a specific law regarding the exact timing of the last paycheck, and neither does the applicable federal law. However, the law does require that employees receive payment. You might want to contact an attorney or the Department of Labor if you have not received your wages. And, yes, if you are an otherwise eligible employee, you are generally entitled to overtime for hours worked over 40 hours. If you believe your employer might have engaged in overtime theft, then you should consult an attorney to see if they can help you. Many overtime attorneys offer free consultations. Our firm offers free consultations. You can find more information about us at www.southworthpc.com.