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Sample Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor Form Template
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Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor basics

When someone else is looking after your child, you can ensure that your child can receive prompt medical attention while you are away with a Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor document. Those who you might provide a medical release form to include daycare providers, teachers, step-parents, grandparents or sports coaches.

Use the Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor document if:

  • You want to give limited consent to someone else to obtain medical treatment for your child.
  • You have a regular, trusted daycare provider who you want to be able to request medical attention for your child while in their care.
  • Your child will be in the temporary care of someone else such as other family members, school teachers or coaches, church groups or travel agency.

You can help make sure your child is protected by using a Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor, which clearly says who can obtain care for your child if needed. This document allows you to specify the details of the permission; for example, if you will be away from your child for a few days, or even a few hours, you can restrict the care to emergency medical treatment only. This document also enables you to provide information about your child's physician, preferred hospital, insurance and prescription medications. A Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor is a useful way to help protect your children.

Other names for this document:

Child Medical Consent Form, Medical Consent Form for Child, Parental Medical Consent Form, Medical Authorization Form for Child

What does a Medical Release Form for a Minor cover?

A medical consent form allows a named individual to make any necessary healthcare decisions on behalf of you and your child. This power can be curbed by the language of the release, allowing anything from basic first aid to approving the use of general anesthesia. Because of the wide possibility of medical needs, it's important to choose someone you trust as your acting agent.

When is a Medical Release Form used?

A medical authorization form is used whenever the parents of a child are unable to consent to necessary medical treatment themselves. Common situations include when the parents are travelling or when the child is routinely in the care of another, such as a babysitter, nanny or child care professional.

Who can be designated to take charge?

Laws can vary by state but generally the following individuals can be delegated the authority to act for your child:

Adult family members:
This usually includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings.

Any adult that will be tasked with the care of your child:
This could include teachers, chaperones, or any other caregivers who may be tasked with the temporary care of your child.

Is there a difference between a Medical Consent Form and a Travel Consent Form?

Yes, the primary difference between documents is marked by the authorization type, travel vs. medical. A medical authorization is specific to your child's healthcare needs, it does not authorize your child to travel or anything else outside of making medical decisions. Conversely, a travel consent form works similarly with the focus on approving your child to travel under the care of another. Unless those terms are specifically outlined, a travel consent form generally does not empower that guardian to make medical decisions for your child.

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Sample Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor

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