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Rocket Lawyer partners with Startup America to support entrepreneurs

Startup America PartnershipThe Startup America Partnership is based on a simple premise: young companies that grow create jobs. As a core American value, entrepreneurship is critical to the country’s long term success and it’s time to step up our game.

At Rocket Lawyer, we also believe in the power of entrepreneurship.  But we know it’s not easy to launch a start up; for starters, entrepreneurs need access to easy and affordable legal services to be successful, and most bootstrapping start-ups don’t have an attorney on retainer.  That’s where Rocket Lawyer can help: from incorporating, protecting intellectual property, to creating everyday legal documents, and getting affordable legal counsel from an attorney, Rocket Lawyer helps entrepreneurs get the legal protection they need to grow their startups.  Our hope is that with a little help from Rocket Lawyer, startups will have more time to focus on what really matters–making their business dreams into reality.

Rocket Lawyer is very proud to partner with Startup America, joining many other great partners who share in this vision.

If you’re an entrepreneur  interested in becoming a part of Startup America, visit the Startup America Partnership website to apply.

If you’re already a part of the Startup America program, contact us now for your Rocket Lawyer Startup America benefits.

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