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A Family Law Attorney Can Help Before Marriage Too

wedding ringsGuest contributor Andrew Thompson, of Thompson Law Office, talks about the role of the family law attorney.

Family law has often been a code phrase for divorce, but it incorporates so much more. True, the basics involving the breakdown of marriage, divorce, custody and child support matters – still dominate family lawyers’ time – but most family lawyers benefit their clients most before marriage, before sharing a residence, and before other major life events, addressed by power of attorney, Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, etc.

While not necessarily a general practitioner, a family law attorney must be versatile and skilled in many different areas. The tax and other financial consequences of decisions you make can be life altering. The family law professional most often needs to be a skilled litigator, with talents in and out of the courtroom, in mediation, depositions, and every other forum where attorneys practice their trade.

Andrew Thompson is a family law attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana. He can help you with questions regarding divorce, custody and support as well as estate planning, tax and contractual matters. Don’t wait until it’s too late – find a family lawyer in your area with

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