Here is a list of documents for the people recovering from a hurricane---or for people helping them recover---with a brief explanation of how they might be used. All these documents can be completed, signed, and stored on our secure server. 

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Request for Information about an Insurance Claim Denial

If your home, business, or car was damaged or flooded, chances are you'll be dealing with your insurance company. Unfortunately, some claims will get denied. If you'd like to request a fuller explanation from your insurance agency, you can use this document to do so. And if you'd like additional information about the process, we have articles on how to submit an effective hurricane insurance claim as well as what to expect after you've filed.

Independent Contractor Agreement

If your home or business was damaged, it'll need to prepared. Hopefully, some of your cost will be covered by your insurance company. Our Independent Contractor Agreement allows you to set the price and payment schedule for work performed on a property and can be created by either the home owner or the contractor. 

Change of Address Letter

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you may find yourself in a new home. Whether it's temporary or permanent, this document can be created quickly to let insurance companies, credit card companies, or government agencies know you've relocated.

Room Rental Agreement

You may find yourself in a situation where you'll have additional roommates or tenants staying with you in the coming weeks. If you'd like to memorialize your arrangement, a quick room rental agreement will help set the conditions. 

Tenant's Notice to Move

If you're a renter who needs to move in the aftermath of a disaster, let your landlord know with this notice.

Late Rent Payment Notice

If your rent is due and you're having trouble getting to a bank or cashing your paycheck or making the trip to your landlord's office, this notice can help let your landlord know that you'll be a little late. 

Promissory Note

Whether you're loaning money or receiving a loan, if you'd like to put that loan in writing, do so with a simple promissory note. You can set the terms of the loan---such as when it must be repaid, the total amount, and if it can be repaid in installments---with this promissory note.

Get started Ask a Lawyer a Question You'll hear back in one business day

Get started Ask a Lawyer a Question You'll hear back in one business day