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Finally. Affordable legal help for landlords. Create landlord forms and ask a lawyer.
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Essential documents for Landlords

Lease Agreement Rent with confidence

100,000 + documents made
Eviction Notice Get rid of bad tenants

75,000 + documents made
Rental Application Find the perfect tenant

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Triple Net Lease Lease commercial property
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Common Landlord Questions

When can I enter my tenant’s apartment?

Even though you may own the property you’re generally limited on how and when you can enter occupied property. In the event of an emergency, such as a flooding or a fire, you may enter the premises without providing notice. You may also enter the property to do repairs, assess damage or risks, or to show the property to prospective tenants, but you will want to provide a day's notice to your tenant first.

How can I evict a tenant?

Evicting a problem tenant can be a tricky process and will vary from state to state; however, the general eviction process will be similar. First, you’ll need to determine if the tenant can be evicted and then provide them written notice, like an Eviction Notice or Notice to Quit. If the tenant does not remedy the situation you may then make a court filing to evict the tenant. After the court process you must give the tenant time to collect their possessions or safely store them for a number of weeks until the former tenant can retrieve them.

How can I end a lease?

Sometimes things simply don’t work out and you need to get out of a lease. The simplest way to end a lease is to provide a Notice of Non-Renewal with enough notice and terminate the lease once it runs. Ending a lease in the middle of a term and evicting a tenant, however, can be much more difficult and will typically require an actionable offense such as your tenant violating the terms of the lease or taking part in illegal activity.

Can I keep my tenant’s security deposit?

Security deposits can only be kept to offset unpaid rent and to repair damage beyond normal wear and tear. In addition, if you plan on keeping all or part of a tenant’s security deposit you will normally have three weeks to provide them an itemized list showing the specific deductions being made.

Should I incorporate my landlord business?

It's often recommended that landlords incorporate. After all, incorporation protects your personal assets and can have serious tax benefits as well. You can incorporate individual properties or your landlord business as a whole or even a combination of the two. You can start your incorporation now or peruse our article about the Advantages of Incorporation for Landlords.

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More Landlord Documents

Find the Right Tenant

Rental Application Find the perfect tenant
Renter's Inspection Worksheet Give your tenant a walkthrough
Move-In Letter Set the move-in terms

Change an Existing Lease

Rent Increase Letter Notify tenants of a rent change
Pet Addendum Allow your tenant to move in an animal
Lease Amendment Change an existing lease agreement

Work with Your Tenant

Consent to Sublease Allow a tenant to find a temporary co-tenant
Landlord's Notice to Enter Keep your tenant informed about when you're coming by
Landlord's Notice of Non-Renewal Let a tenant know their lease is up for good

Rent your residential property

Apartment Lease Rent a unit to a new tenant
Co-Signer Agreement Make sure you get paid
Residential Lease Agree on terms and rent a residential property

Lease Commercial Property

Commercial Lease Rent business property with confidence
Commercial Lease with Option to Purchase Maintain flexibility with your property
Commercial Sublease Sublet a business property

Collect on Overdue Rent

Late Rent Notice Start a paper trial
Late Rent Payment Agreement Give your tenant some leeway
30-Day Past Due Letter Remind a tenant they're late
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