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Make Your Free Massachusetts Living Will

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Free Massachusetts Living Will

Reviewed by Rocket Lawyer On Call Attorney  Daniel Lundstrom, Esq

With a Massachusetts Living Will, you can help guide your family in case you're ever unable to make end-of-life treatment decisions for yourself. A Living Will enables you to detail what treatments you'd like for end-of-life care, including pain relief and CPR. End-of-life preferences are made clear when you have a Massachusetts Living Will.

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Use the Massachusetts Living Will document if:

  • Protecting your family comes first, and you want to give them the information necessary to make the right end-of-life decisions for you.
  • You want to create a full estate plan including information on healthcare.

Sample Massachusetts Living Will

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This document is sometimes called a Health Care Proxy.

Using a Living Will can help you prevent family disagreements, help make sure you get the treatments you want, and clearly spells out your end-of-life wishes so your family doesn't have to guess. This document lets you define exactly what end-of-life care you do and don't want, such as breathing tubes and fibrillation. It also lets your doctor know what you want and removes any guesswork. You don't want your loved ones or doctor to make the wrong choice just because they're not sure what you'd prefer. Having a Massachusetts Living Will is the only way to remain in control of your end-of-life health care even if you're incapacitated.

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